“We make mercy… We make murder, and it matters only to us… Men are haunted.” (Will Graham in Red Dragon by Thomas Harris)


h1Will Graham, cuya empatía le permitía posicionarse en el lugar de cualquier persona y más precisamente hablando en el de un criminal para elaborar los perfiles  psicológicos, llego a este momento aprendiendo de esa faceta de la que tanto huía, la de asesino.


You should give him what he wants. (Will to Hannibal) – Give him the Chesapeake Ripper. (Hannibal to Will)


When the moment comes. Will you do what needs to be done? (Hannibal and Jack to Will)


See? See. (Garret Jacob Hobbs to Will)


Forgiveness is such a profound, conscious and unconscious state of affairs. You can’t actually choose to do it. It simply happens to you. (Bella to Hannibal) – The punctuation at the end of a sentence gives meaning to every word, every space that proceeded it. (Hannibal to Bella) – I died. I’m between deaths. You moved my meaning. (Bella to Hannibal) – Love and death are the great hinges on which all human sympathies turn. What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others… That’s beyond us. (Hannibal to Bella)

Will despidiéndose de Freddie,  casi sientiendo en sus palabras el final, le pidio que no escribiera de Abigail. Preparándose para la última cena ayudo al Dr. Lecter a deshacerse de las notas que tenía de sus pacientes y allí Hannibal se percató del aroma de Lounds en Will.


In those moments where you can’t overcome your surroundings, you can make it all go away. (Hannibal to Will) – All I need is… A stream. Put my head back, close my eyes, wade into the quiet of the stream. (Will to Hannibal) – If I’m ever apprehended, my memory palace will serve as more than a mnemonic system. I will live there… In the walls of our hearts and brains, danger waits. There are holes in the floor of the mind. (Hannibal to Will)

Hannibal le da una oportunidad a Will de irse sin más pero éste no acepta asegurando que desea que Jack vea a ambos como lo que realmente son. El Dr. brinda por la verdad y sus consecuencias, sintiendo el amargo sabor de la traición.

Jack Crawford entrega su puesto ya que es intimado a abandonar el plan para atrapar al Dr. Lecter usándose a si mismo como carnada viva e involucrando a Will Graham como cómplice encubierto.  Decide enfrentarse solo al Chesapeake Ripper.


They know. (Will to Hannibal)

Elaborando la cena y el invitado de honor llega a tiempo…


Hello, Jack. You’re early. (Hannibal to Jack) – I couldn’t wait to get here… I want to thank you for your friendship, Hannibal. (Jack to Hannibal) – The most beautiful quality of a true friendship is to understand them. Be understood with absolute clarity. (Hannibal to Jack) – And this is…The clearest moment of our friendship. (Jack to Hannibal)

Y como toda gran serie, el condimento secreto quedó para el final…


Abigail? (Alana to Abigail) – I’m so sorry. (Abigail to Alana)


You saw what no one else could. (Alana to Will) – All it took was the, traumatic. (Will to Alana)


Abigail? (Will to Abigail) – I didn’t know what else to do, so…I just did what he told me. (Abigail to Will)


You were supposed…To leave. (Will to Hannibal) – We couldn’t leave without you. Time did reverse the teacup that I shattered there to come together. The place was made for Abigail and your world. Do you understand? The place was made for all of us, together. I wanted to surprise you. And you…You wanted to surprise me. I have let you know me. See me. I gave you a rare gift. But you didn’t want it… You would deny me my life. (Hannibal to Will) – N… no. No. Not your life, no. (Will to Hannibal) – My freedom then, you would take that from me. Come find me in a prison cell. Do you believe you could change me, the way I’ve changed you? (Hannibal to Will) – I already did. (Will to Hannibal) – I forgive you, Will. Will you forgive me? (Hannibal to Will) – Don’t, don’t… No. No. (Will to Hannibal)


Abigail, come to me. (Hannibal to Abigail) 


You can make it all go away. Put your head back. Close your eyes. Wade into the quiet of the stream. (Hannibal to Will)


Maybe, just maybe they’ll live. (My sincere hope before this climax)


We’re just alike. This gives you the capacity to deceive me and be deceived by me. (Hannibal to Will)


Dreams prepare us for waking life. (Hannibal to Will) – It’s one thing to dream; it’s another to…understand the nature of the dream. (Will to Hannibal) – You’re waking up to who you are. That’s all you need to understand. There are extraordinary circumstances here, Will. And unusual opportunities. (Hannibal to Will) – For whom? (Will to Hannibal) – For both of us. (Hannibal to Will)


And I think the Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier is Clarice Starling. Why not?